We are a Synagogue located in Spring Valley, NY established over twenty years ago.

The members of our Synagogue have formed a close-knit community and are there for each other in every way.


We host many lectures in all religious topics. Many are open to the public.  

Additionally, we host community meals on holidays in our Synagogue.

We offer assistance for those with medical issues, including contacting medical experts to advise on proper recourse and financial assistance when necessary. We hold community prayers for those that are critically ill.

 We also have a free loan society for those in our community and have a scholarship fund to assist those that are struggling financially while studying in school.


Rabbi Yaakov Yankelewitz learned in Ner Yisroel- Baltimore, Bais Medrash Gavoah- Lakewood and Brisk- Yerushalayim.  He studied under Rabbi Ruderman, Rabbi S. Kotler and Rabbi D. Soloveitchik.

The Rabbi offers counseling in all areas. He  has many years of experience in advising and counseling teenagers in all areas. Additionally, he is an experienced marriage counselor. He also helps with financial counseling,  job searches and providing temporary financial assistance for those out of a job.

The Rabbi consistently hosts people from the community for meals, especially those without family and teenagers needing direction.